Soal TOEFL Structure ITP Part A Tipe 4

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toefl itp,toefl indonesia ,toefl test online

Soal TOEFL Structure ITP Tipe 4 Part A

1. The acting of Mary Ann Duff was characterized by subdued dramatic force, fidelity to ____, and a marked unity of effect.
(A) of each play the structure
(B) the structure of each play
(C) the play each structure of
(D) each play the structure of

2. The coherent light of a laser ____ entirely of synchronized waves of a single frequency that travel in the same direction.
(A) it composes
(B) to compose it
(C) is composed
(D) is composing it

3. _____ that ornithischians, planteating dinosaurs, lived about 225 million years ago.
(A) Scientists believe
(B) Scientists believing
(C) Scientists believe in
(D) Scientists’ belief

4. _____ that book American art out of the fomanticism of the mid 1800’s and carried it to the most powerful heights of realism.
(A) Winslow Homer’s paintings
(B) It was Winslow Homer’s paintings
(C) When Winslow Homer’s paintings
(D) Paintings of Winslow Homer

5. Settlers of the western United States had a sense of equality in the face of hardship, ____ democratic political practices.
(A) led to
(B) they had led
(C) which led to
(D) was leading them to

6. The National Medal of Science is the ____ given by the United States government.
(A) highest science award
(B) highest award for scientific
(C) award that is the highest scientific
(D) highest, and awarding scientists

7. Prehistoric people made paints by grinding colored materials ____ into powder and adding water.
(A) if vegetation and clay
(B) that vegetation and clay are
(C) how vegetation and clay
(D) such as vegetation and clay

8. The concept of television, ____ images over distances, had intrigued scientists even before the intention of moving pictures or radio.
(A) the transmission of
(B) transmits to
(C) for transmission
(D) the transmitting

9. Recent technology gives computers ____, making them multimedia machines with
interactive potential.
(A) both audio and video capability
(B) its capability is both audio and video
(C) both audio and video are capable
(D) capable of both audio and video

10. ____ at a music store was one of Lil Armstong’s first professional jobs as a young pianist when she came to Chicago in 1917.
(A) Demonstration tunes
(B) Demonstrating tunes
(C) Demonstrate tunes
(D) Tunes that demonstrated

11. The first people to live in ____ Hawaii were the Polynesians, who sailed there in large canoes from other Pacific Islands about 2,000 years ago.
(A) now where is
(B) what is now
(C) it is now
(D) now this is

12. The Alaskan blackfish exhibits ____ to both extreme cold and low concentrations of oxygen under the ice.
(A) remarkable, and resistance
(B) remarkable, resistant
(C) remarkably resistant
(D) remarkable resistance

13. Penicillin acts both ____.
(A) killing bacteria and their growth being inhibited
(B) and to kill bacteria and to inhibit their growth
(C) by killing bacteria and by inhibiting their growth
(D) kills bacteria and inhibits their growth

14. Now until the 1850’s ____ in New York seek to rescue historic building from destruction or alteration.
(A) some concerned citizens
(B) did some concerned citizens
(C) some citizen concerned
(D) when some concerned citizens did

15. If a diamond is heated without oxygen, it will turn to graphite, a form of ____ that it ‘s used as lubricant.
(A) carbon is so soft
(B) is carbon so soft
(C) carbon so soft
(D) so soft the carbon

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